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  • Caching WordPress data using transients

    In this simple example we create a function for obtaining data from an external source and caching it for 24 hours. You can use the function hd_get_external_data() to get the data and work with it in your site. If you want to force a refresh of the cache, you can pass a value of true into the function. You […]

  • Excluding a post type from using the block editor

    A simple code snippet to exclude a post type from the using the block editor.

  • Registering FacetWP facets with PHP

    If possible I always try to register things with PHP rather than using the WordPress interface. It means that version control can be used and therefore anyone using the code automatically has the registered items. One example of this is FacetWP. Here is how to register a facet with FacetWP using PHP.

  • Output custom fields using a paragraph block

    This code snippet, which you could add to your theme functions.php file or a plugin, will allow you to add a paragraph block to a post and use this to output a custom field. If you make sure it has a class of meta-value–{meta_key} where {meta_key} is replaced with the key of the meta data […]

  • Escaping WordPress output with only specific HTML elements

    Sometimes when developing for WordPress, you will want to echo something. As all good developers know, any such content must be escaped. This makes sure that nothing nasty can be echoed and keeps you code more secure. WordPress comes with a number of escaping functions, however sometimes they don’t quite do as you want. Take […]

  • WordPress block based 404 error page

    WordPress includes a 404 error page template in the theme, however the contents of this are not editable in the backend of WordPress (within the CMS). Placing the code below in your themes 404.php file enables you to create a WordPress page using the slug of 404-error and the content of this page will be displayed when user lands […]

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  • Lessons from building sites with the WordPress block editor

    Over the course of the last 12 months we (at Highrise Digital) have been building all our new projects with the block editor. There is a lot to learn and in this talk given at the WordPress Birmingham (UK) meetup I share what I have learned so far about this. Slides Video

  • How to build WordPress websites that stand the test of time

    I was delighted to be able to speak at the WordPress London Meetup about “Building WordPress sites that stand the test of time”. Slides Video

  • Extensible WordPress development at WordPress Leeds

    I was invited to speak about “Extensible WordPress development” at the WordPress Leeds meetup this month. Take a look at my slides below. Slides To learn more about writing extensible WordPress code, take a look at the blog post I wrote on the Highrise Digital blog all about WordPress hooks, actions and filters.

  • Transitioning to a block-based editor in WordPress at WordPress London Meetup

    Transitioning to a block-based editor in WordPress at WordPress London Meetup

    This evening I spoke at the WordPress London Meetup about how we, at Highrise Digital transitioned to a block-based editor in WordPress before the launch of Gutenberg in WordPress version 5.0.

  • A simple, quick and cheap setup for filming WordCamp videos

    A simple, quick and cheap setup for filming WordCamp videos

    I have been attending WordCamps for a long time now. My first was back in 2009 for WordCamp UK in Cardiff, my most recent WordCamp Manchester 2018. More recently there has been the trend of filming the talks and these are then placed on the website. Filming talks is a great idea and allows […]

  • My WordPress story

    My WordPress story

    I have been using WordPress to quite a while now, in fact, I first used WordPress in December of 2005. In this post, I am going to look at how I got started with WordPress and the journey that it has taken me on. Who knows, maybe it will resonate with some and help inspire others. Here goes!

  • Transitioning to a block based WordPress editor in a pre-Gutenberg World at WordCamp Manchester

    Transitioning to a block based WordPress editor in a pre-Gutenberg World at WordCamp Manchester

    How do we move towards a block-based admin UI in a pre-Gutenberg WordPress? With the rise of page builders and ‘block-based’ layouts, and the imminent arrival of Gutenberg – WordPress’ new block-based editor – we needed a solution for transitioning towards this new way of editing content while sticking with the mature and stable technology […]

  • Domain mapping with WordPress multisite without using IP addresses

    Domain mapping with WordPress multisite without using IP addresses

    In this post I discuss how I set up domain mapping to websites in a WordPress multisite install, without pointing the domains to the servers IP address.

  • Filming talks at smaller meet-ups

    Filming talks at smaller meet-ups

    Yesterday I was pleased to speak at the WordPress Cheltenham group. My talk was all how to write extensible WordPress code. I actively speak and have spoken at a number of these local events and something I wanted to explore was filming to talks to put up on the web. Here is how I did […]

  • Speaking

    Mark speaks on most matters WordPress related. Usually, about backend WordPress development but can also speak about freelancing and running a WordPress development agency. You can view all of Mark’s previous talks here. About Mark is the co-founder and lead WordPress developer at Highrise Digital, a WordPress development agency focused on delivering fast, easy to […]

  • Mark Wilkinson

    WordPress developer Hello there, I am Mark, a WordPress developer and business owner based in the United Kingdom. My day job involves co-running the WordPress development agency Highrise Digital along with my colleague Keith Devon. I am primarily a WordPress back-end developer, if there is such a thing and I am responsible for integrating WordPress […]

  • Contact

    I have now created a new WordPress agency with Keith Devon called Highrise Digital. All new work is being done through our new agency. Therefore to get in touch about a WordPress project then please click the link below to contact Highrise Digital. Contact Highrise Digital

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    Having worked with WordPress for 10 years I have a wide ranging knowledge of the platform. As a result I can offer a wide range of services based around WordPress, therefore if you have something in mind please feel free to get in touch. I have now created a new WordPress agency with Keith Devon called Highrise Digital. […]

  • The fundamentals of creating sound plugins

    Thanks to WordPress core making plugins to add functionality is not that difficult. However for each plugin you make, there are some sound principles you should follow in order to make your plugin the best it can be. This talk will teach you some of the principles to follow when making your plugins, which will […]

  • A deep understanding of WordPress actions and filters

    WordPress is known for its extensibility – the ability to change the behaviour of the software without breaking the core code. This is added through plugins and themes. Understanding how to extend WordPress is essential if you want to develop solutions using WordPress. This talk will teach you how actions and filters work, with some […]

  • WordPress is a CMS, not a CMS

    WordPress allows users to manage their content through the WordPress admin screens. This means users can add, edit and delete content and media and manage their sites without the need to ask developers for every change. WordPress is a content management system, but all too often it can end up becoming a content mismanagement system […]

  • Computing in UK Schools

    In 2013/2014 the UK government made major changes to the ICT curriculum, most notably removing a lot of the traditional “how to use” content and replacing this with a Computing focused curriculum. As a former teacher at the time I went through this transition. In this talk I outline what is now taught in UK […]