The Wallee iPad Mount

I have been look for a while for a good wall mounting system for the iPad so that I could almost use this as a 3rd monitor in my office, probably to watch video on whilst working etc.  I  came across The Wallee through a Tweet on twitter and though that it was perfect. It was delivered yesterday and I mounted it just now.

The kit consists of a plastic case for your iPad which can stay on the iPad all the time and act as a suitable case and a wall mounting disc which is the patented wall mounting part.  The idea is that you fasten the wall mounting disc to the wall and then this slots into the back of the case on the iPad.

I have to say that initial impressions are extremely good and I am probably looking at purchasing a second or even third wall mounting disk from the Wallee store so that I can mount my iPad in several locations.  It was very easy to install and requires just some simple DIY tools.  Well done to The Wallee for a great product.

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