iMac Replacement at Last!

Having bought my 27″ iMac in early May it developed a fault whereby the screen froze every now and then and filled with mosaic dots. During this time the mouse moved but all other functionality ceased. As the iMac was under warranty I booked an appointment at the Genius bar at an Apple store and returned it to explain the problem.

It was clear that the ‘Genius’ didn’t know what was wrong but recommended a video card replacement. During the consultation it was also clear that the screen had a dead pixel and therefore a new LCD screen was required as well as a replacement to fix this screen flaw. What surprised me was the cost of replacing the video card and LCD display which is outlined in the image below. I would have thought that at this price (plus extra repairs – see below) it would have been more economical to replace the computer and fix this machine in their own time.

A week went by without hearing from Apple regarding the problem. Today I received a call from the Apple store indicating that they had noticed further problems every time they had added a part to the machine including a new logic board. Due to the increasing amount of problems with the computer the ‘genius’ on the phone indicated that they would be replacing the computer under warranty for the equivalent current model. I am pretty sure that this is much better than the model that failed so I am quite pleased actually. Hopefully I should be able to pick the computer up tomorrow and they even said they would migrate the data from the old machine.

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