New Site for Me!

After a long time with no site at all really I have finally got round to putting something together to put up here in on the web. The content is much the same (at the moment) as the old site, however I plan to develop this over the coming weeks, with new posts and a portfolio section.

I have come to the conclusion that it is really hard to maintain your own site when you are so busy working on other projects. In fact I wonder if a sign of a good developer (I don’t think I am that bad!) is that they have a less than great site? I am therefore going to be using this site as a testing ground for trying out new things.

The first of these is to try and use a Commercial theme and therefore I have opted for the Minimalizine theme. This is a child theme as I have made 1 or 2 modifications to the display of content, particularly for the different post formats.

So the experiment begins, I hope to have regular posts about the stuff I am working on at the moment in the near future.

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