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Over the course of many WordPress site builds, I found a constant problem when dealing with custom post types: I wanted to add meta data to a post type like you do a post. In this talk I gave a brief overview of why he needed to be able to do this and how he went about it, building a plugin to provide this functionality.

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You can view/download the plugin on the WordPress plugin repository here or you can contribute on github here.

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  1. Hey Mark,
    Missed your talk but certainly had my fair share of positive experience at the WordCamp 2015. I was busy running my free WordPress course in Google Campus (Old street) on Saturday despite buying tickets for both days. After the course headed straight for the after party and one of the highlights was watching some play Mortal Kombat 1 on Xbox! Really enjoyed the talk by Sam Hotchkiss on Day 2. Hope to meet you next time.

    Your plugin looks quite interesting but would need to spend more time on how WordPress beginners can understand the concept in minutes. Perhaps you can explain your plugin in a small paragraph and if it makes sense I can promote it to our attendees on Sat 18th?

    Let me know.


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