Introducing WP LogicMelon

UPDATE: Since writing this blog post, Highrise Digital have launched JobRelay, a new service for integrating popular job posting & distribution services, such as Broadbean, LogicMelon and Idibu with WordPress.

Back in late 2013 I started work on a plugin to integrate Broadbean with WordPress. This allows [mainly] recruiters to post jobs more easily from Broadbean to their WordPress site. Another solution for recruiters is LogicMelon, a similar solution to posting jobs to multiple platforms. After a few client requests for a solution which would work similar to WP Broadbean I have built WP LogicMelon, a WordPress plugin to integrate LogicMelon with WordPress.

The LogicMelon software allows recruiters to post jobs once using their software and then the posted job appears on many of the major platforms and jobs sites. As part of this posting, LogicMelon can send the job to your own website.

Obviously when this happens your site needs to accept the data sent, process it and then output it on the front end of your site to allow your candidates to view the information.

The WP LogicMelon plugin solution provides all this functionality. It accepts an XML feed sent (and built) by LogicMelon and saves this data as a custom post type with associated meta data and taxonomies.

The plugin is broadly based on the WP Broadbean Plugin solution with one or two tweaks to make it work for LogicMelon.

To find out more about getting your WordPress site integrated with LogicMelon, head on over to the WP LogicMelon website in order to find out more.

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