Review a Plugin Today

Recently I was a guest on the Relative Paths podcast and had a great time chatting for Ben and Mark about WordPress plugin development. One things that came up was donations and reviews for plugins that I have in the repository and how many I get.

Many developers across the world develop open source software, of course not just for WordPress and they share it with the community to allow them to take advantage of that development. They do this without every earning any money and this takes time and energy.

Some of the best plugins for WordPress are completely free. The developers take their own time to develop them, improve them and then pass that onto the millions of WordPress users around the world.

One of the questions that came up in the podcast was do you ever receive any donations? My answer was straight forward in that I don’t, but I don’t really ask for them either. However one thing that I, and I know lots of other developers love receiving are positive reviews of our products [plugins], that tell the rest of the community how good (hopefully!) they are.

You can’t underestimate the feeling you get when someone indicates to you (I get an email from when someone reviews one of my plugins) that they are using your code (your plugin) on their site and they love it.

So if you use a plugin on lots and sites and you love, I urge you to go a give it a 5-star review on the plugin repository. It only takes a minute but the developer of the plugin will love it. Go and make their day!

I am off to do a few reviews myself now!

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