Transferring a Domain Away from

Recently I had the task of moving a .com domain away from NameCheap (a domain registrar) over to a 123-reg account that I was much more familiar with and would be able to help out the client. The process, although not particularly difficult, does involve quite a few steps and therefore I thought I would share how I managed to transfer a .com domain away from NameCheap.

To make this easier to follow I am going to outline the steps in a numbered list.

  1. Login to your NameCheap account and you need to request the EPP code. This is an authorisation code which allows the transfer to take place. The EPP code will be emailed to your account email address.
  2. In your NameCheap account make sure that the administrative contact email address for the domain you are transferring is correct as emails will be sent to this address about the transfer.
  3. Login to your 123-reg account and then search for the domain you want to transfer as though you are buying it. When 123-reg returns the list of domains available you should see a transfer link next to the domain. Click this and then add to basket. Follow the instructions to purchase the transfer. It is actually free because although you pay a transfer fee, 123-reg extend your domain by another year
  4. Once this is done, check your email account that is the admin contact for NameCheap. This email can take some time to come so do not worry if it doesn’t come straight away.
  5. Follow the instructions in this email. At some point there will be a link that asks you to enter the EPP code that was sent over. Do this and confirm.

That should now be all that is needed to make the transfer happen. It can take around 10 days in total for the transfer to work and therefore patience is the key!

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