New Design for 2012

Its been a while since I last had a redesign on this site. In fact is was early in 2010 and the old design did come off the back of a previous web design I did which I liked rather than one that was designed for purpose. Design is not my strong point and therefore this time I have decided to get a little help from the experts – the guys over at

I have previously purchased the Sidepane theme for a project a while ago (purchasing premium themes teaches you lots when you delve into the code) and very much liked the theme. However there were some things that I wanted to change. Like many premium themes these days there are endless theme options and settings and it needed stripping down to the minimum. Therefore I thought I would try my hand at a child theme.

Child theme are used so that you do not alter core theme code. This means when you come to update the theme, as most themes release updates on a regular basis, you won’t lose any of the customisations that you have made. The theory behind this is very true. However in order to get the desired functionality that I wanted, I have ended up with lots of template files and folders, all of which will not get updated and contain important functionality.

The other main thing that I needed to do was to add some more template files for my custom post types of bookmarks and code snippets. These, I suppose where inevitable.

All in all I am happy with the outcome – what do you think?

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